Calibration Services

Accuracy and reliability of services provided


We currently have over 150 customers to whom we provide calibration and adjustment services, whether in their laboratories through our calibration team or in our own laboratory.

Calibration services provided by TECNOFUND meet all the basic requirements for all standards for implementation of quality systems.

Our services cover requirements as documented and controlled procedures, trained personnel, traceability of our standards to national standards (RBC) and international with full calibration certificates.

Among the calibration and adjustment services provided by TECNOFUND, we offer:

  • Universal Strenght Machine
  • Digital Permmeter
  • Sand Rammer
  • Pneumatic Compactability
  • Moisture Sand Drying
  • Green Hardness Tester “B” and “C” Scales
  • Blower Specimen Apparatus
  • Wet Tensile Strenght
  • Automatic AFS Clay Washer
  • Sieve Calibration
  • Gas Pressure ans Volume Measuring Device
  • Gauges Industrial


We provide maintenance services for national sand laboratory equipment and imported from all makes and models in the market.

We offer ongoing technical assistance in our factory or through our mobile team.

In addition, the TECNOFUND nationalized and repairs spare parts imported equipment.


And request a visit from a representative. It will be a pleasure to serve you!